Thursday, January 28, 2010

Days 25 and 26 - Dinner and Dessert

The daily question, what to sketch when it's cold out and I'm running out of obvious subjects at home? Food seemed like a good answer these two days.

Day 25 found me at dinner time still with no sketch. So I arranged the ingredients for our vegetable quiche on the cutting board and took a quick pass at them with a pen. I left the cheese and sour cream out of the sketch so I'd look virtuous, but included them in the quiche so it would taste devine.

sketch of dinner ingredients
sepia pen in Cotman Field sketch book
copyright 2010 Stacy L. Rowan

Day 26 I sketched my dessert instead of my dinner (so much for looking virtuous), a delicious dark chocolate truffle from Gail Ambrosius.

truffle sketch
sepia pen in cahier pocket sketch book
copyright 2010 Stacy L. Rowan

My husband got a box of these from someone at work and was kind enough to share with me. They were so delicious, and disappeared so quick, that I requested a second box for Christmas. I froze the new box so I could stretch out my enjoyment over several weeks. YUM! If you love dark chocolate I highly recommend that you check these out. The truffles in the "Tea Inspired Collection" are my favorite.

(I am not being paid or compensated in any way for my recommendation. Ms. Ambrosius has no idea who I am or how much I love her chocolates. I'm just being nice and sharing a good find, which I will regret if her chocolates become so popular that I have trouble getting them for myself.)


Mary Jane said...

Hi Stacy - I am impressed with your consistency in holding to your pledge to create drawings every day. When I saw the chocolate, my mouth started watering. Wish I had a truffle in front of me now. Yeay Stacy. Keep the neat drawings coming.

Stacy said...

Thanks MJ! I have to say that overall, the challenge has been more enjoyable than I expected. Although I admit that I can get a little worried on the days that bed time is looming and I haven't sketched yet. Thanks so much for following along and frequently commenting. Having your support really helps keep me going!