Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 5 - Fruit

My sketch for day 6 - some fruit destined for a fruit salad. I was so tempted to title this post "Death Row", but I wasn't sure if people would appreciate my humor. I suspect my kids would roll their eyes at my joke. They are approaching that prime eye rolling age.

Sketch of banana, grapes and pear
sepia pen in Canson Field sketch book
copyright 2010 Stacy L. Rowan

The fruit salad was my contribution to a holiday lunch we had for our art group. One of the ladies wasn't able to join us in December so we postponed our celebration until yesterday. I had the foresight to realize that by January I'd be looking for something healthy to eat, which is why I volunteered to bring fruit. Of course that didn't stop me from enjoying the goodies that everyone else brought. Yum!


Jennifer Rose said...

lol you should have used that title :D its perfect. very nice value lines

Mary Jane said...

Keep up the momentum Stacy. You are off to a great start. I can be a cheering section.
And the associated laughter about death row for fruit is a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

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Stacy said...

Jennifer, I should have known you'd appreciate it! Thanks!! The one kid I told about it gave me a strange look instead of an eye roll. They like to keep me guessing. :)

Thanks MJ! I appreciate that you are always my cheering section. It's easier to stretch knowing I always have the support fo friends.

Thank you Hilary! It's easier to keep the momentum when I know other people are enjoying what I'm posting.