Friday, March 27, 2009

Graphite House Finch - March VSD

This little graphite drawing is my entry for the March Virtual Sketch Date. I drew it in my Moleskine sketch book using a 2B pencil while I waited for my kids.

I supplied the reference this month, so I am quite familiar with this bird. He comes to a bird feeder in my back yard. I tried a few times to take his picture, but he always seemed to fly off as soon as I went to get my camera. I think he is shy.

Finally he showed up with his lady friend one day when I already had my camera out, and I managed a few quick shots of their romantic meal. Now I know what it feels like to be the paparazzi. Minus the big paycheck, of course.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still Here

Hello loyal readers, ...if any of you are still out there. I thought it was time to stop in here after my long, unplanned break. Maybe you thought from my silence that I had decided to pack it in and retire to a tropical island. As lovely as that sounds, the closest I've been to a tropical island recently is when I bought the can of pineapple rings that are sitting in my cabinet.

Some of you may remember my lull in posting last summer when my daughter broke her leg. Well, this lull was also caused by the presence of crutches in our life.

In mid February, my daughter had the rather large, titanium screws(shown below)that had been used to fix her leg removed. Following this surgery, she was not allowed to put any weight on the leg. And due to the risk of re-injuring herself from a fall, she had to have an adult with her whenever she was up on her crutches.

I thought since we knew she was going to be on crutches, and since we had so recently experienced life with crutches, that this time would be less disruptive than the first round. Turns out I was wrong.

After five and a half long weeks, we finally had a follow up appointment this Tuesday. Her doctor told us she is healing well and gave her the green light to come off the crutches. Hooray!

So the good news is that in a few days the crutches will hopefully be put away for good. I'm also hoping this means I'll finally have time to catch you up on all I have been doing in the last month. Because even though I haven't been posting, I have been working!