Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sketching Eggs

sketch of eggs
approx. 8" x 7"
water soluble graphite on paper

Working some more with the water soluble graphite pencil, last night I decided to sketch some eggs. Well, actually it was one egg sketched from three different angles.

What better sketching subject than an egg on a beautiful spring night the week before Easter?

I really liked how the dry sketches looked, so in the end I only wet the one at the top. In fact, so far that is the only negative thing I have to say about this pencil. I enjoy the look of the dry sketches so much that it is difficult to decide if I want to finish them with the water brush or not.

(The lines emanating from the top egg aren't really there. The scanner picked up the shadows from the slightly wrinkled paper.)


Anita said...

Eggs - so deceptive! They look like they should be SO easy and yet they are incredibly difficult.
You conquered them! YAY!
Stacy 3 - Eggs - 0

Stacy said...

Thanks Anita! I'm not sure about the one I washed over though. I lost the form a bit when I wet it. Might have to call that one a draw. ;)