Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Visitors

This year we had a couple of special visitors arrive for Easter. We picked them up on Saturday and they will be staying with us for two weeks. My kids could not be more excited.

sleeping chicks sketch 01
graphite in Moleskine cahier sketchbook
approx. 3" x 4"

Our "guests" are actually two chicks which we "rented" from a local farm. The farm provides bedding, food and a box along with the two chicks and instructions for their care.

Our chicks have been named Ginger and Momo - short for Mozart, because she started singing as soon as she was put into my daughter's hands. They are very cute chickies, all fluffy and round.

Not only are the chicks cute, but they provide me with a unique sketching opportunity, of which I plan to take full advantage. You can see my first three sketches in this post.

sleeping chicks sketch 02
graphite in Moleskine cahier sketchbook
approx. 3" x 4"

I started with some sketches of the chicks sleeping in order to familiarize myself with their forms. When asleep they are relatively still so long as I don't make any noise. Ginger is a curious one and the slightest noise will have her opening her eyes and turning around to see what is happening.

With two sleeping sketches under my belt I tried one of Ginger eating - another activity which keeps her still for at least a few seconds.

sketch of chick eating
graphite in Moleskine cahier sketchbook
approx. 5" x 2"

During my next sketching session I will try for a sketch of Momo. She is a little more shy but seems to be getting braver.
On a different note, I am super happy to report that the first edition of my email newsletter was very well received. I am currently working on the May edition. If you are interested, you can sign up to receive it here. It will be arriving in inboxes around the world during the first week of May.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

that is such a good idea for Easter, gives kids a chance to help with raising them but you don't end up with giant chickens :p

your sketches are very cute :D they look very content sleeping

Stacy said...

Jennifer, my kids are loving the chicks. I kind of like having them around too. But I'm getting a little tired of filling the always empty food dish and emptying the bedding out of the water bowl!