Thursday, March 29, 2012

Water Soluble Graphite

Last week, after surviving long enough to complete my daffodil sketch, I moved to a different spot on the patio and created this sketch of a metal chicken that likes to hang out under one of the bushes.

sketch of metal chicken - dry
watersoluble graphite on paper
approx 7" x 6"

I used a "medium wash" Derwent Watersoluble Sketching pencil for the sketch.

I've had the pencil for a while, and even though it has a permanent spot in my sketching pencil case, I have only used it once or twice before. My avoidance has nothing to do with the pencil. It is more out of habit and the comfort level I have with my typical sketching materials than anything else.

I'm not quite sure what made me grab it last week, but I'm happy I tried it out again.  I like the thicker point and the feel of the pencil on the paper. It was a perfectly nice pencil to sketch with.

And then it got better.

After scanning the sketch in its original version, I used my water brush to wet the lines. You can see the results below.
same sketch of metal chicken after wetting
watersoluble graphite on paper
approx 7" x 6"

I love how the use of the water brush turned a rather scribbly sketch into something more refined. The range of values is great. And since it takes very little water to dissolve the marks, the pencil can be used in a regular sketchbook, which is how I used it here.

I will definitely be using this pencil again! Between the Inktense pencils and now the Watersoluble Graphite pencil, it seems that Derwent products currently make up a rather large part of my sketching kit.

(The opinion expressed here is not a paid endorsement. It is an unsolicited review of my experience. Derwent has no idea who I am.)


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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i love the derwent graphatints :D they work so well dry or wet
its much easier for me to get derwent here than other brands so they make up most of my sketching supplies (and prismas have just gone downhill so glad I found something else to use)

Stacy said...

Jennifer, I can't think of a Derwent product that I haven't liked.

Do you try a lot of different products for your school work? Do the teachers tell you what brands to use or is it up to you?

I try not to collect too many art supplies beyond what I regularly use because I don't have a lot of storage space in my studio area. And if I move them downstairs I end up forgetting I have them!