Friday, March 7, 2008

Too Good to Miss

Last year Dad and I attended Jim Toogood's two day watercolor workshop at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. It was a great two days and I learned a lot. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to attend with my Dad again this year, I jumped at the chance. This weekend Dad and I will be in Philadelphia learning from Jim's demos and harassing each other during painting time. Since we are also celebrating Dad's birthday (a little early), I might even spring for lunch one day.

When I get back home and to my computer, I'll come give you my review of the workshop. But right now I have to rush off and do a line drawing so I have something to paint tomorrow.

The sketch on the left was completed the same day as my bar lights sketch. I did this one sitting in the car in the Steel Ice Center parking lot which is on the old Bethlehem Steel property. The street light is new, but fits right in with the character of the old buildings. That's why I like it.
This is my favorite of the two sketches from that day because I like the highlights caused by the late afternoon sun. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that the bottom ellipse got away from me during the shading process until I saw the scan on the computer screen. Since sketching for me is all about practice (versus finished works), I left the wonky ellipse. It will remind me to recheck my shapes several times during the sketching process.

graphite sketch of street light in large moleskine


Billie Crain said...

Stacy, ellipse aside this is wonderful! i like the texture and really like the lighting. honestly i didn't even notice that ellipse was off until i read your post. it looks like a old lamp and when things get old they tend to lose their girlish 'ellipses'. lol

Quilt Knit said...

Hi! Stacy: How wonderful! Love the lamp, Ellips or not. I am a little jealous. Only my youngest has ever attempted art with me in attendance. In Chicago at the Degas in the 1996(?) show. We got into trouble. But a class with your Dad. (Green Monster) Hope that light is not to bright! I might scare you.

Stacy said...

Thanks Billie! The lighting is what drew me in. (Please forgive the bad pun!) I love your line about old things losing their girlish ellipses. Too funny!

Thanks Sherrie! Glad you like the light. I am a lucky girl to get to paint with my Dad. We have a lot of fun, but occassionally get into trouble too. I blame him. ;)