Friday, March 28, 2008

Line and Wash Easter Tulips

Just a quick post today. I have lots to share but I also have six art deadlines in the next three weeks! Thankfully most of the paintings are ready, but I still have one to finish up and some matting and framing to do.
Tulips ink and watercolor sketch
approx 4.5" x 7"

I managed to step away from the deadlines for a few minutes yesterday and do this line and wash sketch of my Easter tulips. Despite the fact that most of my studio work is in the form of watercolor painting, I haven't done much watercolor sketching. Probably because it is so much easier to just grab a pencil and go.

My husband told me these are Tiger Lily Tulips. They have wonderful markings on their leaves that I have never seen on a tulip before. Their petals are bright orange with black on the bottom. So, when the tulip opens up there is a black flower shape in the center. I love that!

I used my 005 black Micron for the line work in this sketch. It laid down wonderfully in my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. I was not as happy with how my regular tube watercolor paints worked. They seemed to lay on the surface of the paper and I had a tough time getting the saturated colors I wanted. I think more experimenting is needed, which is okay with me since I really enjoyed creating this little sketch. After my deadlines, I might even be inspired to assemble my "grab and go" watercolor sketch kit and leave it by the door.


Quilt Knit said...

Juat beautiful! Hope you like the ones I just found sprouting out of the ground. I am painting them now and will tell you when I post. Comcast signal went out and my son is the Boss of the computer world - so He kept me offline this weekend and played with friends.
Took him 15 seconds to bring it back up. "Children".
Just gorgeous flower drawings.

Stacy said...

Sherrie, I will definitely come check out your tulips when your painting is done. I love tulips. And I am envious yours are already up. All that is sticking out of our ground is the tips of their leaves. And most of them have been munched by bunnies.

Billie Crain said...

love the tulips, Stacy.:) i never heard of Tiger Lily tulips. sounds like something i need to put on my 'got to try' bulb list. the mottled foliage reminds me of my Little Red Riding Hood tulips. they have the same spotted leaves.

i also admire your pen and wash sketches. this is something i've got on my 'got to try' list, too.

Stacy said...

Billie, I've never heard of them either. I didn't see the name on the little information stick so I don't know how my husband came up with it. But I do love the leaves, since it keeps the plant interesting even after the flowers are done blooming.