Sunday, March 16, 2008

More of the Same, Less of the Old

Now to talk about Day 2 of James Toogood's workshop...

After successfully checking the "painting from model" box on Saturday, I intended to start a painting of water on Sunday. Jim gave an excellent demo Sunday in which he explained how he paints water. He also brought in some of his beautiful, original paintings of Venice for inspiration.

So I sketched out my composition, started putting in my first washes and...couldn't get into the painting. I found that I kept thinking how I would tackle the model painting instead. Fresh from my success the day before, I was anxious to push on, challenge myself some more and keep learning.

Finally around mid-afternoon I gave in. There was less than 2 hours remaining of the workshop, but I got out a new piece of paper and did a quick sketch of the model. Since this time we were working on the whole figure and not just a portrait, I knew I wouldn't finish the whole painting. Instead, I focused on getting down the first application of skin color and then adding the underlying blues, greens and reds. If I had more time, the next step would have been to start adding darks. I am happy with what I accomplished in a short time frame. Here are the results so you can judge for yourself...

Two other interesting things about Day 2 -
Downstairs from where class was held, there was a fabulous exhibition of Cecilia Beaux paintings. Dad and I spent time visiting this exhibition on Sunday to see how a master painted portraits. What amazing works!! I am so glad I took the time to see them. Her use of darks really illustrated what Jim was trying to teach me.

Also on Sunday, one of the women attending the workshop asked me if I had an art blog. I didn't think much of her question since earlier I had been telling Jim how many hits I got on my blog from people searching his name. (He assured me he is working on getting a website together for those of you looking for examples of his great paintings.) Then this woman told me that she had read my blog post about attending this same workshop last year, and it had helped convince her to sign up! She had been concerned that since Mr. Toogood is such an advanced artist he might not be friendly and encouraging. I am so glad I could put some of her fears to rest. Isn't the Internet cool!

Anyone else who might have similar concerns, let me assure you there is no need. Jim not only is knowledgeable and accomplished but he is very nice, extremely helpful and genuinely humble. I would recommend his workshops to anyone who uses watercolors and paints in a realistic style.


Quilt Knit said...

HI! Stacy: You have a very nice watercolor here. It has great feel. You must be very satisfied with your workshop participation. Keep pushing your envelop.

Anonymous said...

You're doing great...keep going!

Mary said...

Stacy, Sorry I haven't been visiting bolgs very much lately, I've had quiete a few things keeping me busy. How nice to find these new colorful works from you and hear you have had a successful workshop.:)

Stacy said...

Thanks Sherrie! I was very pleased with this workshop experience, and I'm trying to carry that momentum with me now that I'm back home.

Thanks Ronell!!

Hi Mary! Nice to see you again. I know how it is to be busy and not have time for all we want to do. I hope your 'busy'-ness has to do with things you love. :)