Saturday, March 1, 2008


Bethlehem Brew Works bar lights
graphite sketch in large Moleskine

I went out to lunch with my hubby today while the kids were at a birthday party. I took the sketch book along and did this sketch in one of our favorite places to eat. These lights hang over the bar in the Bethlehem Brew Works. I liked the metal cages around the glass globes and the way the first light in the line is a sphere but the others are more elongated. I intentionally gave the third light an unfinished feel. It's a quick sketch since we were already done eating and I didn't want to hog a table.


bluelilac said...

You always amaze me with your choices of subject manner. You love challenges and you choose some difficult images.
Your engineering background certainly comes out when you tackle this lighting fixture.

Glad to see you are taking time to draw in the midst of everything else you do.


Stacy said...

Thanks Blue! I try to challenge myself with the sketching. Some days that means just finding time to pick up the pencil. Other days it means tackling challenging subjects. The more I make time to sketch, the more I enjoy it.