Sunday, May 27, 2007

We're Back on Track (I think)

Well, the new computer is up and running...sort of. Not everything is compatible. But don't worry, only the unimportant stuff like SCANNERS and PRINTERS!!! Who would ever think to release an operating system that isn't compatible with scanners. Geniuses that's who.

But I won't bore you with any further tirades. I'll save them for my poor husband who is stuck playing IT guy. He kindly set up a "scanning station" for me so I could add images to my blog without resorting to using the digital camera. He's a nice guy and only laughs at my anguish when I don't look like I am going to throw something at him.

So to celebrate this milestone I actually have an image to share. I did this little drawing the other night. I felt the pull to do some graphite work after a string of watercolors. I decided to get my feet wet by drawing a fortune cookie that was sitting on the counter. I don't really enjoy eating them, so I might as well draw it instead, right?! Anita Davies's work inspired me to add the lettering. Her lettering adds such a nice touch to her sketches.

So here's my fortune cookie. I hope it's fortune predicts a friendly existence between me and my new computer. Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed! Nicely done sketch; good texture. I wish my handwriting was good enough to be able to add lettering!

Jennifer Rose said...

I love fortune cookies. Can never eat enough of them and I always keep opening them until I get a fortune I like, might as well eat the cookie too :)

Very nice graphite drawing, great even hatching in the background.

Its nice having a hubby with a computer degree, mine does all the tech stuff here too. :)

Stacy said...

I'm feeling better about the new computer now - adjusting to the change.

Dave I learned in school that I could sometimes get extra points for a wrong answer if they could at least read my writing! That's stuck with me.

Jennifer, my husband has degrees in engineering and business administration. The computer stuff is just something he's learned to keep our home PC going. Luckily he has knowledgable friends that are willing to teach him.

By the way, I like your approach of eating cookies until you get a fortune you like. :)

Africantapestry said...

Great pencil work..Nice crosshatching and dark shading with lovely highlights on the rim...great work

Stacy said...

Thanks Ronell! It felt good to do a pencil drawing.

Anita Davies said...

Lovely work Stacey. Thank you for the link, so pleased to have inspired you!