Monday, May 7, 2007

Working Again

Thanks to my dear hubby I now have access to my backup files through our laptop. We did lose some updates when our computer went bust (it seems the last scheduled automatic backup didn't happen), but most of our files are safely on the external hard drive where they should be. And now we copied the contents of that hard drive over to our laptop so the files are easily accessed. What a relief!

So here is the painting I was planning to share before all of this nonsense happened.

original watercolor 16" x 12"
copyright 2005 Stacy L. Rowan
It is a watercolor painting titled "Uncle John's Peppers". My uncle grows a huge garden every year. Just last week he and my aunt planted 125 tomato plants for this year's harvest!! My uncle is very generous with the vegetables that he grows and people are always stopping by to take home whatever is ripe. One year when we were visiting he gave me "a few" red peppers to take home. His definition of a few was around eight!

Now if you know me, you know that I am a thrifty person. So I just couldn't stand the thought of these peppers going to waste. What was I to do?!? Invite family over for a dinner of homemade stuffed peppers? Have my husband take the "extra" peppers to work to give to his colleagues? Get real people! I'm an artist! So of course I used them in a still life set up and took lots and lots of reference photos. Then we ate them! (The peppers, not the pictures.)

I think that was a pretty good plan of attack. After all, this painting won me first place in the watercolor category of my local art club's member show. Thanks Uncle John!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning! It's easy to see why this lovely painting would win.

bluelilac said...

I love this peppers painting.
And I wish you congratulations!


Stacy said...

Thanks Dave and Blue! With a nod to full disclosure, I feel obligated to say that the "win" was a year and a half ago. But it still makes me happy when I think of it! :)

Jennifer Rose said...

Doesn't matter when the win was, still a win. ;) Very nice lighting on the peppers. :)

Its always a huge weight off the mind when most of your files are found saved. That reminds me, I need to backup some stuff....

Africantapestry said...

This is such a lovely painting! Congratulations, you deserve nothing less! The colors are just so juicy and healthy and vibrant and the composition perfect.

Stacy said...

Thanks Jennifer and Ronell!!