Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I Was Hoping...

Today I was planning (and hoping) to share some of my artwork from last year that I haven't posted here yet. I thought this could get me through Girls' Weekend without entirely deserting you. Unfortunately, last night when my husband was using the computer it died. Yep, died. Really dead. He had to reboot because he couldn't connect to the Internet and the computer just wouldn't turn back on. Without warning we went from fully functional to blue screen of death. Can you hear me sighing in disgust???

Hubby did his best to fix the problem and even consulted with a very technically knowledgeable friend. The friend's official word - it's dead.

Now hopefully our automatic backup worked last Sat night and all our files are safely resting on our external hard drive. However, we can't take the time now to sort out how to get said hard drive attached to the functioning laptop since Girls' Weekend kicks off in T minus 44 hours and counting.

So the only thing I have to share with you today is frustration. Sorry 'bout that! I hope to be back up and running by this time next week. And if I am I promise to share my newest completed watercolor with you.

In the meantime, we are thinking about replacing dead PC with a new Mac. If you have any words of advice on the subjects of Macs (pros or cons) I'd love to hear them.


Mark Mangano said...

Oh, we have to talk about Macs!!

-- Mark

Anonymous said...

Very frustrating; poor you. Still, at least you do back up, which I must admit is more than I do. In fact, whenever I hear a story like this I always renew my resolution to get some sort of backup system in place...though the resolution never actually results in action. No words of advice from me regarding Macs v. PCs, I'm afraid. Never used a Mac.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Africantapestry said...

In this instance...good luck on sorting out these problems. I have to say, I believe in backup like I believe in brushing my teeth...can't do without!! We are on PC"s, so I can't give any advice on Mac's either. Looking forward to next week's promised watercolor and good luck as well for the weekend

Regula Scheifele said...

Ouch - that sounds really frustrating. And there was no warning sign, no shut-downs and such? - you know, the things I HOPE would warn me in case of my computer deciding to do the same???
I admit I'm like Dave on the backup issue. I DO THINK about it quite regularily... ehmm.... and eventually back-up once or twice a year.....

Enjoy your weekend,

Stacy said...

Thank you for your sympathy! It helps me avoid thinking about the big hole my dead computer has left in my day and exactly how much more poductive I've been without it. ;)

Mark, email my tech guy please. We are nothing if not easily swayed. Perhaps we can have a face-to-face about this topic if you are around for craft show weekend. I should be ready for lesson 3 by then too.

Dave, you are tempting the computer gods by not backing up!! I can't take credit for our weekly backups, that's my hubby's job, but he says it is easy if you have 'an external hard drive with a USB hookup'. And I am glad he does it! I have so many family photos, art reference photos and digital copies of my artwork on the computer. I'd be crushed if I lost them.

Ronell, someone else who recognizes the value of back ups. Good for you!! Don't stop because it's bad enough losing a computer even when you know the files are safe.

Amira, read my advice to Dave and do a backup today. We had no warning. None. The computer worked fine all day. Then my husband tried to restart it and nothing. Sad, sad, sad...

bluelilac said...

Bad luck Stacy. What a bummer!
I live in fear of this myself. One never knows! I'd better get on it too.
As far as Macs go. I always think they look so cool and so 'together'. My grandsons use Macs at school to make music with Garage Band as well as other stuff.

I had a Mac in one of my Career centres but I preferred to use the PC most of the time and maybe that's because I know PCs better.
Karen loves Macs I think.
If I could afford two machines I'd want a Mac for Garage Band and the other visuals, slides and film making programs and professional business graphics stuff.
I have been told by a graphic artist that Macs are the industry standard for book illustration and graphic design work.

Amuse said...

Congrats on your weekend! I had an iMac which would freeze repeatedly - the only way to restart it was to stick a paperclip in the back, very high-tech. I have heard of others with the same problem with the iMac, but I don't know about other newer Macs. (I really date my computer self here, don't I!)