Friday, January 19, 2007

Pen and Ink Class

Today I signed up for a Pen & Ink class being offered by the local community college. Dave Sullivan is teaching the class and he is a P&I master. I met him online at Wet Canvas where he offers some great tutorials. A while ago I tried an inking technique called stippling and loved it. Since then I have wanted to try more pen work but haven’t managed to squeeze it in around my other projects. This 6 session evening class is the perfect motivation. And since it is offered through the community college the price is right. It should be fun! I’ll let you know.
Here is a stippling piece that I did. It is not quite finished, but close.

copyright Stacy L. Rowan


bluelilac said...

Nice work Stacy! Very fine pumpkins.

Pen and ink is a specialty of mine too!
I haven't stippled for years but I love the effect and the beauty of it.

The only thing is the time it takes to do it. But there's nothing like it.

And when you add colour with inks or watercolour (If the black is waterproof) the work can take on a whole new feeling.

And the beauty of it is that you can make copies of your stippled work and practise with colours first.

Very nice work!
Glad you found the time!

Stacy said...

Hi Blue! Thanks for stopping by.
Before trying pen and ink I thought it would be stressful, after all the ink is permanent. But I actually found stippling to be very relaxing. Maybe because it develops so slowly. I love how the image appears out of the paper.
I am going to definitely try your idea of making copies and adding color. Thanks!

Robin Neudorfer said...

ooooh I love to stipple. Puts me in a trance. You are so lucky to take these classes Stacy. Looks like you will be in great hands. I am glad to see you looking out for your needs.

Billie Crain said...

Stacy, i love the effect of stippling. love looking at it, don't want to try it. no patience all. your pumpkins are fantastic! kudos to you on a job well done!

Stacy said...

Hi Robin! I get that same feeling from stippling and it is completely different from what I expected. I can't wait to learn new pen techniques from Dave.

Billie, try pen and ink. You may be surprised. I am not a patient person. In fact I like to say "Patience is a virtue, just not one I possess." :)