Saturday, January 13, 2007

All Work and No Art...

...makes me a grumpy girl. Today I spent all day taking down Christmas decorations. sigh. Yes, I know most people did this chore last weekend, but last weekend I was busy drawing (and was far happier I might add). So I had to do it today. sigh.
This is what I wanted to be working on.

It is my drawing of the Waterworks building in the Moravian Industrial Quarter in Bethlehem, PA. It is also the drawing for my latest watercolor painting. You may wonder why I did the drawing in red pencil, but the red pencil was actually used for tracing. I always complete my drawing on regular drawing paper and then transfer it to watercolor paper after the drawing is done. I do this because erasing on watercolor paper can damage the paper and change the way the erased area takes paint.

I transfer the drawing with graphite transfer paper. (Make sure if you do this you use graphite paper and not carbon paper for the tranfer. You can test your transfer paper by trying to erase transferred lines. Lines from graphite paper will erase. Lines from carbon paper will not.)

I use a red marking pencil, the kind your teacher used to use, to do the tranfer because the marking pencil has a hard lead and because I can easily tell which lines haven't been transferred yet.

I hope to have time to work on this painting tomorrow. After I finish packing up the rest of those decorations. sigh.

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Denise Mennella said...

I feel your pain. After spending all yesterday morning helping clean out Frances', I spent all afternoon cleaning up the mess of garbage we brought home from there and helping dad post on wetcanvas -again. Today was riding. No craft room time for me. Maybe tomorrow....