Thursday, March 1, 2012

Announcing "Sketchy Details" Newsletter

I believe all artists share a common goal for their art of wanting it to be able to inspire feelings in the hearts of viewers.

Some artists use their art to make social statements because they want the viewers to experience social injustice and be motivated to action.

Some artists paint images of sadness, loss or despair so that viewers know they are not alone in these feelings.

My desire is for my art to inspire feelings of gratefulness for the beauty and blessings that surround us, because I believe that the seeds of happiness grow best when planted in a bed of gratitude.

There are also other feelings that my paintings embody. Things like love, fun, joy, and connectedness. I think the world needs more of these feelings, and I believe that they are all around us if we just look for them.

I not only look for them, but find them and share them through my art.

If you know anyone who would like more of these good feelings in their life, please direct them here to my blog.

And if you, or they, would like to receive my version of happy once a month right in your inbox, I am pleased to announce that is now possible with the start of my monthly email newsletter!

The newsletter will be delivered the first week of every month starting in April. In it I will share new sketches along with details of life inside and outside of the studio. Which is why I named it "Sketchy Details"!

To sign up please fill in the boxes at the right under the heading "Subscribe to my Monthly Email Newsletter" and click the subscribe button, or head over to this page and complete the form there.

I love sending my art out into the world. I am excited that I am going to get to share it in this new way. And I am so very grateful for all of you who take time to experience my art and read my words. Thank you!


M. J. Muir said...

This looks like an exciting new venture Stacy. Good luck with it.

Stacy said...

Thanks MJ!