Thursday, March 15, 2012

Preparing for Spring

ink sketch of swing supplies

Perhaps the title should be "Preparing for Swing" instead...

Last Christmas my daughter received a swing as one of her gifts. She has always loved to swing. As a toddler she would swing until my arms were so tired I couldn't push her even one more time.

We used to have a swing set in the yard, but after years of solid service it became significantly less solid. We were forced to take it down before it fell down on its own!

Now there is a new swing. With the warm weather we are having it seemed like time to hang it up, so my hubby went to the store to buy the necessary hardware - chain to hang over the tree limb and two clips to connect the swing to the chain.

After he got home, I sketched his purchase. The chain links are so large I felt I had to include the quarter for size comparison. The 37 links of chain must weigh over 5 pounds! And each clip is rated to hold roughly 250 pounds!

I'm not sure how many kids my hubby thinks are going to sit on the swing at one time - I'm thinking the one at a time rule should apply here - but I'd say he's prepared for just about any number. I guess it is better to over-engineer and be safe than to under-engineer and have a pile of kids heaped under the tree! I wonder if he has considered reinforcing the tree limb...

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hopefully the tree doesn't fall down!

Stacy said...

The tree is still standing after a couple of uses - one child at a time uses, that is. We did have to move the swing down the limb closer to the trunk. The branch was dipping a little too low with the first spot we chose!