Monday, September 24, 2007

Preparing to Paint

value sketch for rose WIP
copyright 2007 Stacy L. Rowan

Tomorrow my art group meets again. In preparation I decided to start a value study for the rose painting. I am using several different references for this painting, so I felt a value study was important. For one thing I need to make sure that the lighting is consistent throughout the piece. Also, I felt it would be easier to work from one reference while painting instead of flipping through a pile of papers to find exactly what I need when I need it. You'd be surprised how quickly a wash can dry when you don't remember if you wanted a soft edge or a hard one!

I could have done a smaller thumbnail sketch to block in basic values, but I chose to make a drawing the same size as my study painting. It can be tricky to get the values correct in the center of a rose where so many petals meet. I find it is easier to work larger when the details are more complicated. The other reason I decided to work larger is that it has been awhile since I did a graphite drawing. I knew I'd enjoy creating a more finished drawing. So I let myself have fun.

I haven't decided yet whether I will work on the background more tomorrow or try to finish up the graphite drawing. Maybe I'll work a little on both.


Robyn said...

Looks to me like both your painting and sketch will be hung, Stacy. I love your graphite. You've been so busy lately and I've missed so many of your posts. Am fascinated to follow your experience with watercolour canvas.

Mary said...

Stacy this is a very soft and strong image at the same time. It is coming along beautifully!

Jeanette said...

This is a really good drawing Stacy. I envy your ability to produce flowers in any medium.

Billie Crain said...

i envy you your rose drawing abilities! i have yet to draw a decent rose. your's is lovely!

Jennifer Rose said...

Lovely soft looking rose . Great graphite drawing and I am looking forward to the watercolour version :)

Stacy said...

Thank you ladies! I am enjoying this rose drawing more than I thought. With my other rose paintings, I went straight to watercolor with just a line drawing, so this is the first fully shading drawing I've done.

I'm toying with the idea of trying a stippled rose one of these days. I'm not sure if that means I like a challenge or I'm losing my mind. :D