Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Partial Plan

untitled rose value study

Here is another update on my value study for the rose painting. As you can see, I completed the initial shading on the main rose and started working on the rose bud. I decided to flesh out the form on both roses, the leaves and the stems on my first pass. Then I will come back and work on my hierarchy of lights and darks.

As I am working on this, I have realized that I think of this drawing as being tall and thin with the roses standing up (like it is posted here). But it needs to be long and thin, as if the roses are laying flat, to fit the space in my mother-in-laws dining room. Hmmmmm... That part of the plan I am still working on. My current thinking is to finish this drawing, because I like it in it's own right, then do some tweaking in Photoshop for the painting. Or I may try some thumbnails to get a feel for the changes. I'll keep you posted.


Doris Joa said...

What a wonderful rose study. I love to paint roses and so I enjoyed very much visiting your blog. I am curious to see it finished.

Stacy said...

Thank you Doris, for your visit and your nice comments. I am enjoying drawing this rose and am wondering about how the painting will go. But I need to finish the drawing before I can find that part out! :)