Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 86 - Neighbor's House

This is the only one of my daily sketches that I don't still have in my possession. A neighborhood friend recently moved a few hours and a few states away. I matted this sketch and gave it to her as a going away gift.

House sketch
graphite in cahier pocket sketch book
copyright 2010 Stacy L. Rowan

I don't know why the background of this sketch and some of my other recent sketches look so yellow-ish. The sketches are done on the light cream colored Moleskine paper despite how they look. Please accept my apologies for the bad coloring. Also be prepared, there are a few more that were cropped and adjusted with this batch. Hopefully the next batch is better.


Mary Jane said...

Such a lovely gift to your neighbour. I imagine she will treasure it through the years ahead.

Stacy said...

Thanks Mary Jane! She seemed to be happy with the gift, and I hope it gives her the feeling of home while she is getting settled into her new place.