Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Days 70 and 71

On Day 64 I commented on Facebook that I was stuck for what to sketch. Rose was the first to speak up with the suggestion to sketch my eye. So that's what I did.

However, I was smart enough to realize that I might have another day or two of being stuck for a sketching subject. Since I received more than one suggestion, I kept a list of the other ideas to use on another uninspired day. One of those ideas was to sketch my running shoe, so less than a week later I did just that.

sneaker sketch
graphite in cahier sketch book
copyright 2010 Stacy L. Rowan

While working on my last charcoal, I needed clarification with the lighting. My husband had the good idea to use one of my girls' dolls as a model. While the doll was set up I made her multi-task and used her as a subject for my Day 71 sketch as well.

doll sketch
graphite in cahier sketch book
copyright 2010 Stacy L. Rowan

The doll made a good model because she stayed very still and didn't take any breaks, but the sketch makes her look a little creepy. I'm not quite sure why. I also had some difficulty adjusting the image. I think the original sketch looks better than the image here.


Jennifer Rose said...

I think its the dolls eyes that make it look creepy, well done sketch still :)

Jeanette said...

Dolls are a bit creepy anyway, but the sketch is quite effective.

Its not always easy to find a subject to sketch that inspires you. I've found that if I just take an everyday item that's in front of me and start to draw it, the process pulls me in, no matter what it is.

Kitchens and fridges and cupboards hold a myriad of subject matter. A corner of a room, view from a window etc etc.

Stacy said...

Jennifer, I think you are right! I couldn't see it until you pointed it out, but I think the problem is that this dolls eyes are flat not a sphere like real eyes.

Jeanette, I haven't found the same to be true for me. If I pick something to sketch that I don't want to sketch, the sketch turns out horrible. So far I've been lucky and always find something that will work as a subject, but some days it's tougher than others.