Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sometimes Plans Change

Back at the end of May I told you my plans for the summer. Now I'm here to say that sometimes plans change.

Change of Plans
2B graphite pencil in Canson Field sketchbook
approx 45 min sketch

A week and a half ago, Child #1 broke her leg. The break is high up on her leg close to her hip joint. The doctors placed two screws in her leg to hold the bone together while it heals. They also placed her in a rather large cast called a spica cast. As you can imagine this makes some daily tasks a little harder for her than normal.

Life with this cast also ruled out some of the activities we had planned. Luckily we are a pretty creative family and are finding new ways to have fun. Both children (and parents) are being good sports about these unexpected changes and we all are in good spirits.

Providing extra entertainment and care for the children has made it tough to find time for art and blogging. So if you are expecting to hear from me either through posts here or by email, please be patient. I promise I will do my best to respond to everyone as quickly as possible.

Enjoy your July!!


Rose Welty said...


Sorry to hear about the break. My neighbor's son just got out of his cast (very similar). Hang in there, all of you.

Hope you have fun anyway!

Thinking of you.

bluelilac said...

My good thoughts are with you all.

Nice sketch and not easy!

I send you a virtual Get Healed Soon card to your daughter.
Imagine a rainbow on the card...with a whole lot of white doves flying in and out and around the rainbow.
And there are gentle sparkly sounds like tiny ice crystals and snow flakes falling all around.


Anonymous said...

Stacy, great sketch, I'll see you tomorrow. Love Dad.

Stacy said...

Thanks Rose! We are doing our best to keep entertained.

Thanks Blue! I'll tell the girls about the virtual card. The sketch wasn't easy with all the wheelchair parts. Plus it was amazing how much she could still move!

Thanks Dad! We are looking forward to your visit.

Robyn said...

Stacy - My best wishes for your daughter's speedy recovery. Maybe this is the time for her to discover if she has the family talent for art. Great sketch. You are all being very brave about this unplanned change to your Summer.

Vikki said...

Great sketch. Poor little gal. I love the blog. Tell the ladies I said "hello!"

Anonymous said...

Stacy - what a terrible predicament. I am so sorry to hear about this. I hope it is a speedy recovery. Young bones heal fast.
Good for you for taking the opportunity to do a sketch of that very comfortable chair.

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Uhhh! I can see how that would put a hitch in your summer plans. Time to trade in the theme parks for some museum going? ;p

Good luck!

Stacy said...

Thank you Robyn! We have been doing some drawing and I think both girls have the chance of being much better than me.

Thanks Vikki! The girls say hi back. The one with the cast is planning a picnic at her Grammy's when the cast is off. We hope you and Uncle Mark can join us since we missed you on the 4th.

Robin, my sister said the sketch looks worse than reality. The kids are in great spirits and making the most of the situation. Hopefully the cast will be removed in 13 days and we will move onto the next phase...crutches.

Thanks for stopping by Maggie! So far we have only done short outings - meals out, visits to the book store and craft store, trips to the Farmer's Market. We are working up to museums. In the meantime we are renting movies, reading, drawing, playing board games...actually we made a list of 101 possible activities. Our creativity is getting a workout. :D