Thursday, October 4, 2007

If I Weren't a Painter...

...I'd be a tap dancer!!

I love tap - as a spectator or a dancer. It is so much fun! I have taken, all told, about 12 or 13 years of tap lessons since my first class way back in 6th grade. My favorite style of tap is rhythm tap - think Gregory Hines or Savion Glover. It's all about the footwork! I'd really like to start tapping again. I think it would feed my creative side.

In the meantime, I plan to get my fill of tap tonight by going to see a show by the Shelley Oliver Tap Dancers. Here is a fabulous video of one of their performances. WOW! I bet you can't watch the whole thing without some toe tapping of your own.


Mary said...

This is fantastic Stacy! I have always been a great fan of Riverdance and this reminds me of it without the music. This is another facet of your talent.

Stacy said...

Mary, don't be fooled. I'm not this good!! (Oh, how I wish!) :D But the show was awesome and made me want to find a way to fit tap back into my life, even at my much lower skill level.

bluelilac said...

Hi Stacy. Have you signed up for tap dance class yet?
Last weekend, with my grandchildren, I watched a too long but rather weird movie about tap dancing penguins. It might be something you'd enjoy with the children? There are some spectacular scenes of tap dancing and singing penguins at the end.
Just a thought especially considering your tap dancers on your blog this week.
Mary Jane

Michelle Himes said...

Hey, Stacy, I'm a tapper too! I started taking a beginner tap dance class at our senior center when I turned 60. I've even been in three of our annual shows. I'm not very good, and I sometimes go the wrong way or miss a step, but I'm having a ball. I hope you find a way to get back into it.

Stacy said...

Blue, my kids have the movie with the dancing penguin - "Happy Feet". I want to watch it sometime but always forget when I actually have the time.

Michelle, isn't tap great?!? It is hard not to be happy when I am tapping. I do okay with learning choreography, but I can't improv AT ALL!! Maybe someday I'll learn how. I still haven't signed up for lessons. Thinking about signing up for a half hour a week private lesson after the holidays. We'll see.