Thursday, September 29, 2011

Virtual Open Studio 2011

I tried something different for my Virtual Open Studio this year. Instead of using still photography, I decided to create a video.

Now I will warn you, no one is going to be banging down my door predicting my astronomical success as a TV personality. But I do think it gives a good sense of how I set up our home for the Open Studio.

And I think it gives a good sense of the proportions of the artwork on display.

Worse case, you can always turn down the audio. Or close your eyes if you start to feel a little motion sickness.

(Now you are really looking forward to it, right?!)



Mary Jane said...

I really enjoyed watching this Stacy. Hearing your voice for the first time in the ten years since we first met on ezboard! So neat!
Everything is displayed beautifully. I love the way you have framed your work. You are a true professional at this. I feel privileged to have had this virtual visit with you in your lovely home. Thanks for sharing. Your work is well crafted and beautiful to look at. The colors are crisp and always clean and pure and you definitely have your own style. I am so glad you continue to paint and the ways you share your processes on your blog is always so interesting.
Neat Video. Neat artist.

Stacy said...

Mary Jane, thank you so much for your kind comment and continued support over so many years! I always think it is funny to hear someone's voice after reading their words for a while online. Their voice never seems to be how I imagined it. :) For the record, I think in real life I am far more engaging and humorous. But with a camera in my hands I felt lucky to even be able to form coherent words. ;)Hope you are enjoying your weekend!