Thursday, September 15, 2011

Open Studio This Saturday!

Zipping in and out quick today without even any new art to share. My schedule is full of things to do that I want to complete before my Open Studio this weekend.

The paintings are hung along with their labels, prints are out in their print racks and note cards* are restocked.

Food is planned and ingredients purchased, waiting to be mixed up fresh.

So how is it that my "To Do" list seems to keep getting longer?!?

No matter how long the list grows, at noon on this Saturday (the 17th), the work stops and the fun begins! I am really looking forward it!

*Speaking of note cards, this week I created a new set using an assortment of my produce images, which you can see below. This set will be available at the Open Studio. If you are interested in purchasing some cards and can't make it on Saturday, just drop me an email. My email address is in the right hand side-bar.
©2011 Stacy L. Rowan


Rose Welty said...

Like that new set Stacy - they look really good! Wish I was closer and could come for the fun.

Stacy said...

Thanks Rose! I wish you were closer too. I've been watching your new sketching posts and thinking about how fun it would be to go out sketching together. Maybe someday.