Friday, November 14, 2008

November Sketch Date

approx. 4" x 7"
4B graphite in Canson Filed Sketchbook

The reference is now posted over on the Virtual Sketch Date blog. If you are interested in joining the challenge, be sure to read the guidelines posted here. Completed entries are due on Saturday November 22nd. Happy sketching everyone!

My sketch above is of a little battery operated lantern that I take with me while the children are in their various activities. It is not always worth running home during the activity, so the lantern allows me to read in the car on dull, dreary days.

As you can see from my construction lines, I had a heck of a time with the perspective on that curved top. It didn't help that it was getting darker by the second. And of course the lantern wasn't on when I started the drawing, so I didn't want to turn it on and change the lighting in the middle. Although in the end I ran out of light and time to complete the shading. Anyway, I thought I'd share this sketch, despite my problems, so that people new to sketching would see that not all sketches are beautiful.


Vikki a.k.a "V" said...

It reminds me of a walk in the woods. You always need a good light.
Of the subject, do you sketch babies? We may have to employ you to do so in nine months or so...

Stacy said...

Vikki, I was too busy to sketch when my kids were babies, but I would love to try at your house!!! Is that "baby" or "babies"? I'm keeping you guys in my prayers! You keep focusing on the happy Christmas, and Valentine's Day, and Easter, and... :D

Anonymous said...

very good drawing Stacy.

Anita said...

Aaaagh perspective - I feel your pain!
Going to take a look at the Virtual Sketch Date Blog.

Stacy said...

Thanks Robin!

Anita, so glad I am not alone in that pain. ;) I hope you join us on the sketch date.

Quilt Knit said...

When my babies were babies, I seemed to have all the time in the world. I never wanted to be away from them. We would all draw together, when they got bigger. I would not buy them D&D, so they taped out the living room on the carpet with duck tape and -There was D&D their version. They had hours of fun on the largest D&D board ever created.

Love the sketch, take a small photo on your cell phone for shadowing reference. Great idea for a whole sketch book. I just picked up a book on shadows and light. -two weeks ago!
Sherrie Roberts