Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Autumn Watercolor Sketches

autumn trees watercolor sketch

I made it out late this afternoon to do some quick watercolor sketches of a couple of trees in my neighborhood. I had to be quick because darkness was swiftly taking over the sky. And because I was afraid a neighbor would call the police about the "strange person sitting in her van in front of the house". Do you think the police would understand my need to capture the fall splendor before all the leaves were gone and winter was upon us? Luckily I didn't need to find out. No police officers came knocking at my van window during my sketching session.

I mentioned in my last post the slight panic that I feel as autumn turns to winter. I'm wondering if other artists feel the same way.

Fall would definitely be my favorite season if it wasn't followed by winter. The bright fall colors inspire me and call out to be painted. But the days pass quickly, and I don't always get to answer their call. So the days slip by and each morning more leaves are on the ground and fewer still cling to their branches. Then the blue sky gets replaced by gray days and I know that winter is just around the corner. I know that one day I will wake up and all the color will be gone. And it will be six long months until it returns in the Spring.

Winter does not inspire me to paint. Winter in this area is gray and cold. Winter inspires me to crawl under my blankets and hibernate. I get very little art done when I am hibernating under my cozy blankets.

But this year I am hatching a plan in an effort to stem the panic. I've been snapping all sorts of photographs over the last six months that I hope to use for inspiration when the world goes gray. I am also planning on joining the local art club for their winter figure painting sessions. How I hope the models wear brightly colored clothes!! And I know I can always head to the grocery store or florist to purchase some painting subjects.

Of course if it gets really bad, I can always try to convince hubby to take me somewhere warm and colorful in February. That sounds like the best plan of all!

How do you stay motivated during the winter months? Please feel free to share your tips in the comments.


Jennifer Rose said...

I don't think the cops would have minded, you had the supplies with you and if you live in the area it shouldn't have mattered. I would have put a lovely letter through everyone's letter box thanking them for wasting the cops time :p

bluelilac said...

I'm glad the cops didn't catch you sketching trees!
If anyone comes up with the key to inspiration in winter let me know.
On the other hand, you always inspire me Stacy in all weather.


Anita said...

Lovely autumn sketches, Stacey. I hate winter but have to admit a longing for real seasons after so many years in temperate climates with little to no difference between the seasons. I'm sure that only a few days in the cold would soon have me longing for warmer times!

Judy said...

Don't count on the figures wearing any color clothes. In my experiences they are nude.

Stacy said...

Jennifer, you're too much! I love the letter idea but luckily didn't have to resort to that.

Thanks Blue! Whoever comes up with the key to inspiration in the winter is going to be a wealthy person! Let it be one fo us! ;)

Anita, I don't like the cold and gray either, but I do think it's better than one perpetual season. I hope your new home is more seasonal or at least more colrful than all that sand!

Judy, I chuckled at your comment. I've done a life class with nudes before, but I know this one uses clothed models. Probably because it is held upstairs in the local library at the same time as toddler story hour is held downstairs. They don't want to shock any little ones wandering around the library!