Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lost and Found

Fall watercolor fun

When I was a young(er) adult I never lost stuff. I wasn't organized, but I could always find exactly what I was looking for when I needed it. Always. I got annoyed when other people lost things because I didn't understand how that happened.

Somewhere over the last 5 or 10 years I have lost the ability to find what I need when I need it. I don't know if it is an age thing or a parent thing or what, but I lose things.

Tonight is the perfect example. I had written down notes for a job I am doing. I remembered writing them. I could practically see them in my mind's eye. But I had no flippin' clue where they were! Can I tell you how annoyed I was at myself - the girl who never used to lose anything.

And it's not like I haven't realized that I lost this ability and taken measures to improve my odds. Instead of making notes on tiny scraps of paper, I have started writing things down in spiral bound notebooks. That way there are no little scraps of paper to get accidentally thrown away or lost between the couch cushions.

Of course, if one notebook is good, five must be better, right? Because then I can have a different notebook for each different topic - art, art clubs, freelance work, general life stuff... - you get the picture. It was a great idea until I started grabbing whichever notebook was handy. Now each notebook contains a little bit of everything.

But it's okay. I have a new plan. I am now ripping things out of notebooks and putting them into binders so like can be stored with like. Hmmm...does this defeat the purpose of having notebooks in the first place? Naaaah....ya think?

Anyway, after searching all the obvious places and all the places I would never think to look, I did find my lost a notebook. But at least they were in the proper notebook if that makes it any better.

And the bonus is I also found my original notes on the painting I posted last time. I knew I had a different title, but of course when I was posting I couldn't remember it and I couldn't find my notes. So my original title for "Warmth for the Lonely Traveler" was "Winter Solitude". Which do you like better? Feel free to leave your votes in the comments.

The image I posted today was of some fun I had in my watercolor sketchbook. It was just some playing with fall colors I did before going on my wild hunt for lost notes. I was going to write a post about the changing of the seasons and the slight panic I feel as fall turns to winter, but...well...I got a bit off track. There is always next time. If I can find my notes...


Jennifer Rose said...

I prefer "Warmth for the Lonely Traveler" because the picture itself gives me a warm feeling :) I tried to the notebook thing to, but it never worked :p Now we use a white board, which seems to be working so far lol

Anonymous said...

Stacy, you caught the habit of losing things from me. like your blog.
Love Dad

bluelilac said...

Hi Stacy
I'm thinking you could write comedy if you decided to switch from painting.
I can relate to your thoughts about losing notes. I am laughing at your notebooks and more notebooks all over the house.
I understand. Hang in there. Keep us laughing.

Stacy said...

Thanks for your vote Jennifer! A white board sounds interesting, but I think I wouldn't want to erase it and lose the information.

Dad, if I caught the habit from you can I give it back???

Blue, dear hubby thinks I am pretty funny when I get ranting too - as long as I'm not ranting about him. ;) My notebooks are out of hand. I must cut back, but do you know they make notebooks with cute covers now? It feeds the addiction.

Quilt Knit said...

Stacy! You did not catch this from "DAD", so give it all back to Him - ((( Circles of Loving Hugs))). You have a family, You say you panic at Winter coming? What else is on the Mind? Two blogs? School- and all it brings. Time for Art?
Well, when I did get my Phi Theta Kappa. I had those notebooks and have recently gone back to them.
However, I kept in one place and inside Five Star zippered heavy notebooks. They had along with all the other requirements -- There very own place. You choose the colors of the Five Star Notebooks to hold your notebooks in order and "A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place". Does wonders to find that old trick. {I am trying to organize my Pencils and all art media into a functional area-Not Easy- also a quick take me along travel kits.)

Sherrie Roberts

Judy said...

I like "Winter solitude" the best.

Stacy said...

Sherrie, thank you for your concern! Don't worry about my panic. It's nothing that a trip to a warm, sunny island in February wouldn't overcome. ;) I'll have to check out those notebooks.

Thank you for your vote Judy!

Jo Castillo said...

Stacy, this is a smile for my evening. Thanks. You know you always find things in the last place you look ... should have looked there first, right? I never read my notes, no matter where they are. Having a calendar on my computer with the alarm set is the closest I have come to being able to remember things. Keep up the good work. Oh, before I forget, I like "Warmth for the Lonely Traveler" as well.

Stacy said...

Jo, I'm glad I made you smile. Humor helps me get through the frustrating times. :) Thanks for your vote as well!