Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Is it Too Late...

wooden Santa decoration
graphite sketch (approx 6" x 9") in spiral sketchbook

to post a Christmas sketch? Since I haven't taken down any of my Christmas decorations yet, I feel like I can still squeeze in this sketch. Am I the only person still enjoying holiday decorations? Come on, you can be honest. There's no shame in having the decorations still up. Christmas was only two weeks ago, even if it seems much longer.

And it's also not too late to make those New Year's resolutions either. Although before you do, I recommend you read this post from Christine Kane's blog. She recommends a new New Year's ritual that I find intriguing. I'm going to give it a try. Maybe you would like to too?

About the sketch: I was sitting on the couch, nursing a cold, looking for something to sketch when I saw the late day sun spotlighting the edges of the reindeer. It made me think of Santa's sleigh climbing into the sky toward a full moon. My goal was to capture that strong light on the reindeer and the reins.


Denise said...

Ok. So where'd you find out about this blog? Are there any others that you're not sharing??

Barbie Bud said...

On my way home tonight I saw a lot of Christmas lights up yet. I looked into one window and saw their tree all lit up and thought "how pretty". I just can't leave mine up though, doesn't seem right, lol. Barb

Stacy said...

Denise, don't worry, I'm not holding out on you. I just found this blog a day or two ago. I was jumping from one art blog to another and somehow ended up there. So are you doing a word and a motto this year?

Barb, thanks for visiting! I'm glad you can still appreciate Christmas decorations even after you take yours down. I imagine I can hear people snickering as they drive by and see mine. I'm just not ready for a naked house yet! But I promise to start putting the decorations away this weekend. Ready or not.