Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Veil

untitled rose value study (WIP)
Stacy L. Rowan

The gray veil of winter has descended on eastern Pennsylvania. October is full of bright, endlessly blue skies, brilliant red and gold leaves and joyful orange pumpkins. November rolls in and replaces this celebration with a low gray ceiling, misty, rainy days and gutters full of leaves past their prime. Is it any wonder that I just ordered five tubes of colorful watercolor paints? Two oranges, a turquoise blue, a deep gold and a bright yellow. The perfect antidote to gray November days.


Katherine said...

Beautiful rosebud Stacey - and lovely description of your environment.

Billie Crain said...

Stacy, you make winter descending sound so poetic.:) i just plain hate it.:(

you have the gift to paint roses, that's for sure and i completely understand the need for color in cold climates. it's hard to work in blacks, greys and whites when you look out and see the same palette everywhere.

Sue Johnson said...

Hello Stacey. Its been awhile since I visited your blog. Ive enjoyed catching on what you are doing.

I gather the roses are the finished value study for the work you are doing for your mother-in-law. Lovely and I remember those gray Novembers very well.

How wonderful that painting is meditation for you. I read once that Picassco said he lived so long because he left his body when he painted. I think meditation is going to another dimension outside--or maybe inside ourselves.

I told you I would check in with my daughter about her current experience with show. I hope better late than never works in this case. She echoes what you are experiencing--things are very slow. She thinks having a "bread and butter" item is helpful for sales. Since she is a jeweler, her experience isnt exactly parallel but the overall sense of the situation seems the same.

RogerPf said...

The patience required for this approach will for always be beyond me, so I can only marvel.

Stacy said...

Thank you Katherine! After seeing this on the screen, I've been adding more darks to the lower rose.

Thanks Billie! I don't know if I can be poetic about the weather today. It's snowing!! I like snow...
...on Christmas - not four days before Thanksgiving!

Hi Sue! Nice to see you again. The roses are indeed for my mother-in-laws painting. The value study is not quite done yet, but is moving along slowly with 3 or 4 other projects. Thank you for the information from your daughter. It always helps to hear other people's impressions.

Thank you Roger! I never thought I would have the patience either, but there is something soothing to me about these works that are slow to progress.