Sunday, November 11, 2007


3" x 2"
watercolor thumbnail
Stacy L. Rowan
Being a mom of young children, I often receive special gifts which they find for me when they are outside playing. I love these gifts and wanted to encourage the gift giving. So I decided to find appropriate vases to display them. This allows us all to enjoy their finds as long as possible.

The painting above shows some of the mini vases that I use expressly for this purpose. They are the perfect size to hold dandelions or clover flowers or grass that has gone to seed. They have also been known to contain fall leaves, flowers that have already fallen off their plants or other treasures that the uninformed might call weeds.

I love that my children are so excited to share nature's beauty with me, and I want them to know I appreciate their thoughtfulness. That's why my collection of mini vases will continue to grow. At least until they grow too old to bring me gifts from the yard.

(I'm working on a title for this. Before writing this post I was thinking about "Signs of Appreciation", but now I'm wondering if "Gifts" isn't better. Anyone want to cast their vote? If so, leave me a comment with the title you like best. Or if you have an even better one, I'm open to that too!)


Jennifer Rose said...

I like "Gifts" as a title. I think it goes better with the meaning behind the painting :)

I used to bring my mother gifts when I was a kid too. Dandelions and feathers that had fallen out of birds. I can 't remember what she did with them though (probably kept them)

Tania said...

I like "Gifts" but might I also suggest "Little Things" because those are the things that count.
ps. I was drawn in by the name of your blog.

Stacy said...

Jennifer, thanks for your vote! I get feathers too, but they are harder to find in the yard than dandelions and clover.

Tania, thanks for visiting and for your suggestion too. I like "Little Things" because I believe it's the little thoughtful things that make the difference.

I'm going to noodle on this some more before making a final decision, so anyone else with input, feel free to play along!