Friday, August 31, 2007

Clymer Art Show Recap

copyright 2007 Stacy L. Rowan

So I owe a show summary here. I would have had one earlier, but the kids started back to school this week and I have been up to my eyeballs in Mommy homework. It makes them so happy to bring home homework for someone else.

The show was a bit of a disappointment because it was not very well attended. A surprise since this show normally has a pretty steady crowd. The smaller crowds could have been caused by the change in venue or by the hot, sunny weather following a week and a half of rain.

Overall, I was happy with the new location. It was easier to find and larger than the old place. Also it was air-conditioned which saved us all from melting from the heat and humidity! And despite the smaller turnout, I did about the same as and Dad did slightly better than last year. However, in general, it did seem that people were buying lower cost items and not as many originals.

One thing that I found a little disturbing was my conversations with other participating artists who claimed that many of the local art shows are experiencing drops in turnout (of customers) and sales. Some artists are thinking of cutting back the number of shows they participate in because they don't want to "waste their time".

So my questions to you, dear readers, are you seeing a similar trend at your local shows? If so, are artists choosing to sell their artwork through different channels (ex. at galleries, on the net)? Is this a lull in art sales in general or just a shift in how those sales are made?

I think it would be interesting to get a broader picture of the current art market, so I'd love for you to post your comments here or blog about it and come back and give a link.

Although this year's show might not have been a rousing success, Dad and I will be back next year. The show has a good track record, is in a convenient location for us and is organized and attended by some very nice artists. That is enough to make it worth our while.

The picture above shows part of our set-up. The rack contains a mix of Dad's paintings and my paintings.


Sue Johnson said...

Stacey, I don't do these kinds of shows but my daughter does. She lives in Vermont, is a jeweler and does a number of shows, May through December. I will check with her and let you know what she is observing.

Stacy said...

Thanks Sue! I love data. Must have been the years I spent as an engineer. :D

Mary said...

Stacy things work different here, we don't have that type of shows in this city but I have noticed in the paper almost daily, the complaints from the local artist because of the lack of space and opportunities to show their work in this city.

Your work looks great!

Rebecca said...

My answer is YUP. I made the commitment on my last to just paint for the time being. That was until I was asked for four of my pieces for a restaurant. Luckily they stay for a while, and I don't have to babysit them.
I have had more luck from my website. Sending out email news to those in my address book. The job now is to make this a frequent priority.

Anonymous said...

darn... my daughter was using my computer again Stacy.. sorry didn't catch that.

Stacy said...

Thanks Mary and Robin for your input. (Robin, you did throw me for a minute with your first comment. :D )

I'll have to ask Michael if he'd be willing to discuss this in one of our calls. I haven't thought about sales strategy in a while and I'm feeling like I could use some input. If I ever get a free Sunday night maybe we could chat about it!

Sue Johnson said...

Hi Stacey. I spoke with my daughter about her take on the show "circuit." Ill share with you when I see you in NYC on Saturday. Looking forward to meeting you and your husband.