Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pen & Ink WIP

Today I am sharing a pen and ink work in progress (WIP). This is the final project from my recent pen and ink class. The class is over, but I would still like to finish the project.

The objective of the project is to put all of the different techniques we learned in class into one drawing. Our instructor chose our reference so I know it is possible. The challenge is to not resort to the techniques I am most comfortable with but to push myself to use them all.

The main topics covered in class were drawing grass, drawing trees (wood texture and leaves), hatching, cross hatching, drawing stones, and creating areas of even tone using parallel lines.

copyright 2007 Stacy L. Rowan

You can see that I still have quite a bit of work on this drawing but I am enjoying it so far. It will probably take some time to finish because I also have one colored pencil and two watercolor projects in the works. I guess it is better to have too many ideas than not enough! When I am further along I will post some close ups to show the details. I realize it is hard to get a good feel for technique from the small images posted here.


Mary said...

This is looking incredible, Stacy! I'll be waiting for the next update!

bluelilac said...

You have such a gift for patience with detail. This is a beautiful beginning. Can't wait to see the finish one day.

Stacy said...

Thanks Mary and Blue! I worked on this some more today and have either reached the "ugly" stage or the "I don't know what I'm doing" stage. Only time will tell... :)

Anonymous said...

That's weird, I just posted a pen and ink WIP on my blog too! Yours is looking really good; mine's more trial and error than implementing actual techniques!!

Stacy said...

Hey Dave! You know what they say...great minds think alike. I'm off to check out your WIP. What better way to procrastinate working on my own?!