Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finished Cardinal Painting

Some paintings flow off the end of the brush as if by magic. After they are finished it almost feels like I painted them in a dream.

Whatcha Lookin' At?
cardinal painting
6" x 4" watercolor on paper
©2012 Stacy L. Rowan

Other paintings need a little more help and hand-holding to get them safely through their adolescent stage. It doesn't make me love them any less. However, it does take a little longer to evaluate those paintings and see if my work is done.

This guy was a bit of a hand-holder.

Several years ago I took a bunch of references as this cardinal snacked on some birdseed outside my kitchen window. The photos have been patiently been waiting in my files until it was time for their turn under the brush.

What I loved about this reference is the quirky turn of his head. I feel like he is eyeing me with curiosity and just a touch of an attitude.

Of course the part I loved was also the part that proved to be most challenging. Why is that so often the case?

We don't often view a cardinal from this angle so I had to make sure I didn't lose the parts that would identify him as a cardinal while I was focused on capturing his attitude.

I think I managed that goal. However, I am going to set him aside for a few weeks and then re-evaluate the painting just to make sure it doesn't need any last little tweaks.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very nice vivid red :D

i think because its a part of a drawing that we want others to like as much as we do that makes it so hard to draw

Stacy said...

Jennifer, I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense. Maybe we put more pressure on ourselves to get our favorite part right so it will become the viewers favorite part too. Now I just need to learn to trick myself into having a false favorite part so my real favorite part can shine without struggle. ;)