Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring in Vancouver, Canada

Photo of purple crocuses
©2011 Mary Jane Muir

Spring must have peeked in on Vancouver, Canada for a day or two because that is where my friend Mary Jane saw these beauties blooming. Have I ever mentioned that my favorite flower color is yellow? And purple is a close second. So you can bet I loved finding these pictures in my inbox.

Photo of yellow crocuses
©2011 Mary Jane Muir

I love how the yellow crocuses are all snuggled in among the daffodil leaves. They look so cozy.

Mary Jane is an illustrator and published author. She shares her colorful art and illustrations on her two blogs...
Painting Puppies
Maple Pancakes

If you have a moment, why don't you hop on over to check them out? I think you will like what you see.


Jennifer Rose said...

crocuses are such cute colourful flowers :D they are showing up everywhere here now :) i love bright yellow ones, always a sign spring is on the way (finally!)

Stacy said...

I love them too! But I can't find the ones I planted in my yard. Not sure if they aren't up yet, if they died or if some animal made off with the bulbs. I'll have to plant more in the fall and make a note where I put them.

Jennifer Rose said...

they might not be up yet. there are a lot here that are just showing up in people's borders so yours might still turn up :)

Mary Jane said...

Stacy - Your neat idea to share signs of spring around the country is a lovely one. I saw lots of new shoots around the neighbourhood yesterday and I got the camera out again. I love the new post above of irises. That is a wonderful photo. So clear and crisp and well composed. I reduced my photos way down for the web so they aren't as crisp as the original shots. But you get the general idea.
Hang on. Spring will be there soon to cheer you up. Keep on painting!

Stacy said...

Thanks Mary Jane! I am enjoying receiving the spring photos and seeing what is blooming out there in the world. I will have to share my newest spring photos from here.