Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 31 - Clementine

clementine sketch
watercolor on paper
copyright 2010 Stacy L. Rowan

Clementines are a new favorite fruit in our house. Sweet, juicy and easy to peel, we've been going through them pretty quickly. I managed to grab this one for a quick sketch before anyone else got to it.

I worked with a small set of half pans and a water brush and tried to stay a bit loose.


Jennifer Rose said...

nice bright colours :)

i love Clementines, they never last long in our flat. just a shame you can only get them at certain times of the year

Mary Jane said...

Hi Stacy. It's me MJ.
I love this clementine. It looks juicy and sweet just like you say. I have some in the fridge.

Mary Jane

JoAnn said...

Love this, especially the shadow. I am a sucker for good shadowing!

I also love clementines. My daughter, who is 30, reminded me that she has been eating them all her life. Hard to believe I have been buying them that long. Back then they were 3 for $1 at the greengrocer near our house.

Stacy said...

Thanks Jennifer and Mary Jane! I was happy with my clementine, so I tried a pear for my sketch yesterday. I ran into some problems with it. More about that when I get it scanned and posted. :)

Thanks JoAnn! I almost went back into that shadow, but I resisted. Now I'm glad I did!