Sunday, May 18, 2008

Virtual Sketch Date - Tripod

This week I participated in a Virtual Sketch Date with several fellow bloggers. A virtual sketch date is when a group of artists all draw from the same reference, in this case a photograph of Jeanette's cat Tripod.

Tripod has quite a band of admirers thanks to frequent appearances on Jeanette's blog. So the pressure was on to create a flattering reproduction or risk the scorn of his fans. Below is my version of Tripod. So am I safe or do I need to fear flying hairballs?

approx. 5" x 6"
2B graphite in Canson Field Sketchbook

The other participants on this sketch date are Jeanette Jobson and Rose Welty (who started this group challenge), Katherine Tyrrell, Belinda Lindhart, Jennifer Rose Phillips, Gayle Mason, Jeanne Grant, Paulette and Teresa (Teresa's image is posted on Rose's blog). Please go see everyone's drawings, because the best thing about having a bunch of artists work from a single image is seeing how they all handled the image in their own style.

This was a fun exercise and challenged me to draw a subject I wouldn't have chosen on my own. It also had me drawing during a week when I might otherwise have been "too busy". Having a deadline and commitment to someone else is always a great motivator. It has been awhile since I've done a full blown drawing in graphite. I had forgotten how slow that first layer of graphite can go down and the associate "Holy Cow! At this rate I'll never get done!" panic. However, I was lucky to start this in my spiral bound sketchbook because the paper texture really helped with the fur.

I'm up for a June sketch date if anyone else is.


Rose Welty said...

Stacy, that fur is really nice! It is so fun to see everyone's interpretation and style, as you say. I actually think that is the most fun, seeing the styles and interpretations. You've captured such softness! Well done.

"JeanneG" said...

Great job on the fur. I like your version very much.

Jennifer Rose said...

Well done! Great job with the fur on the inside of his ears :D

Stacy said...

Thanks Rose and Jeanne! I really enjoyed my time spent with Tripod.

Jennifer, the hair in his ears was my favorite part to do!!

Jeanette said...

Lovely job Stacy. I don't think you have anything to fear from flying furballs...:) You've achieved great texture in his fur.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Hi Stacy - lovely fur!

I've added you in to 'who's made a mark this week' - and I think we can all agree that was Tripod!

Paulette said...

Hi Stacey,
Beautiful work! I have to mention the ears too, well done! I'll have to put more thought into mine next time. :)

Robyn said...

Great fur, Stacey, and the eyes are very lifelike. I think Tripod will be very pleased - his fan club must be huge by now.

Stacy said...

Thanks Jeanette, glad to know I am safe from flying furballs. :D

Katherine, thanks for adding our links to "who's made a mark".

Thank you Paulette! The ears were quick to do compared to the rest of the fur. I used a combination of negative drawing and my battery powered eraser.

Robyn, you will have to participate in the virtual sketch date sometime so we can all sketch Dermott. I'm worried he will be envious of Tripod's new found fame. ;)

Carol said...

That's a beauty!