Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finished Charcoal Drawing

Hello all! You have been very patiently looking at my recent sketches and workshop paintings and photos, so I thought it was time to share a finished piece with you. Yes, I do actually finish pieces, believe it or not! I would love to share my most recent watercolor painting, but that will have to wait since I entered it in a local competition.

charcoal on Rives BFK paper
15" x 22"
Stacy L. Rowan

Instead, I am sharing another piece I am excited about, this charcoal drawing which I finished earlier this year. I completed it as part of my mentorship work with Michael Newberry. It may look familiar since the idea came from one of my graphite thumbnails that I shared earlier. I also did several other graphite thumbnails to investigate lighting and values. I’ve even done some color thumbnails of this same set up. I have to say this is the piece which taught me the true value of prep work!

The story behind this charcoal drawing is that it represents a scene that is found on many winter evenings in our house. After dinner, while the children are upstairs cleaning up and getting ready for bed, hubby and I often sit on the couch for “10 minutes peace”. Loosely translated that means ten minutes of adult talk time without the interruptions from said children. Since I am typically cold all winter long, I often have a cup of hot chocolate. And since sweets are a personal weakness, especially in the winter when my body thinks it wants to be hibernating, I also have two Oreo cookies to dip in my hot chocolate more times than I care to admit. Hey, at least I wait until the kids are upstairs so they don’t see my bad example.

These ten minutes of peace are when hubby and I reconnect and talk about our day. A little breather in a hectic life that we really look forward to, and that keeps us strong as a couple. I even feel more peaceful just looking at the drawing and telling you about our routine.

I’m still working on a title for this one. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share.
Edit: On my screen the image appears to have some pink in it . I have no idea why. I promise you the image I resized and uploaded had no pink in it. It is way past my bedtime, so unfortunately I have to leave it for now. I will try to correct it later, but other than uploading the image again, I have to admit I am stumped as to what to try.


Dave said...

Really great, soft and subtle gradations of tone and the shininess of the metal spoon. You've got a great touch with charcoal!

Robyn said...

Beautiful, subtle values in this drawing, Stacy. I particularly love the texture of the mug and your lovely story, of course.

Stacy said...

Thank you Dave and Robyn! I really enjoyed working on this. I'm considering starting another charcoal this size, but I have other works I have to finish first.

bluelilac said...

Beautiful Stacy!
A lovely piece of art.
And your thoughts about the calm sweet time of the evening is also so comforting to read for some reason. The idea of oreo cookies and hot chocolate shared with the one you love...Sigh...

Stacy said...

Thanks Blue! Today I feel more like having a nice cool glass of water than a hot chocolate. Believe it or not we hit 80 degrees!!

africantapestry said...

Oh, I love this Stacy, it absolutely speaks of that quiet time you share on the couch! A lovely charcoal and a lovely habit!
If I look at it I see sort of "Quiet time"

Stacy said...

Thanks Ronell! The intent is for us to get some adult quiet time, but it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes the girls just can't stay away. But it is normally a pleasant time for snuggling and reconnecting, either as a couple or as a family.