Monday, February 5, 2007


I don’t like winter. I want to like winter, but I don’t. It’s not the cold and snow so much. (Although today’s high temperature of 16F is nothing to be happy about.) It’s the gray. Where I live winter is gray. The sun likes to hide for days on end and the clouds rule. The sky is gray, the landscape is gray, everything is gray.

Now some people may be inspired by gray, but I am not. I like color. My favorite season is Spring. Not only because Winter is at least 6 or 7 months away, but also because I enjoy the cheery yellows, pretty pinks and wonderful purples of spring flowers and the million different varieties of green. More greens than I could ever mix on my painting palette. I love to stare at the plants and trees and soak up all of the different greens. Yup, I spend most of Winter looking forward to Spring.

So today I will leave you with a touch of Spring to keep you going until we get the real thing. First is an ACEO of a pink dogwood blossom that I painted last April for my sister's birthday.

And second is a picture I took last Spring of some daffodils in my landscaping.

Now that I've taken care of the grayness, can someone else please take care of these frigid temperatures and relentless wind? Please?!?


Billie Crain said...

i share your sentiments when it comes to winter, Stacy. by January i'm starved for color. absolutely starved! that's why i've wandered away from graphite...too much grey. thanks for posting this little reminder of Spring which can't come soon enough for me.

MrsSnowy said...

Lovely Dogwood blossom. I can't wait for Spring either. For the first time we have a garden with fruit trees - I'll be mad with delight.

bluelilac said...

You have created a sunny place here this week.
Don't we all love the spring time of year?

I hope the sun is shining in your neighbourhood today.

Stacy said...

Billie, I find that I do more graphite in the warmer months. Never realized it might be connected to the lack of color during the winter. Thanks for that insight!

Robyn, I would love to have my own fruit trees. You'll have a ready supply of food and art references. Could life be more perfect than that?

Hi blue! Luckily, we have had some sun lately. But tonight we are supposed to get our first accumulating snowfall. The kids even had an early dismissal which means I am getting less art done than I had hoped. They are happy though!