Thursday, July 28, 2011

13 Things I Love Best About Summer

Quick ink sketches of day lilies
©2011 Stacy L. Rowan

Here are some of the things I love best about summer...
- the slower pace
- vacations at the beach
- riding in the convertible at night with the top down
- starting my morning on the screen porch with a bowl of cereal or a cup of coffee
- ice cream
- seeing my kids enjoy their free time
- locally grown, fresh and delicious produce (especially tomatoes, blueberries and peaches!)
- blue skies and bright sunshine
- hydrangeas, day lilies, marigolds and all the other flowers
- not having to do the dishes (because we passed that chore on to the above mentioned kids after noticing how much free time they had - insert evil laugh here)
- not having to wear shoes, socks or a coat
- small summer purses (how come I carry so much more in my purse the rest of the year?)
- frequent trips to the library

I am doing my best to savor every minute of summer. I'd love to hear what you love about it too. Let's turn the comments section into a big list of summer love!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sketching the Blue Summer Sky

watercolor sketch
©2011 Stacy L. Rowan

This summer I have started many of my days sitting out on my screen porch. On this particular day in June I couldn't help but notice the beautiful bright blue sky framed by our trees and the roof of our neighbors house.

I decided to make use of the slower pace of summer and enjoy a quick watercolor sketch. I hope you enjoy it as well.