Monday, August 22, 2011

Sculpture Doesn't Have to be Stuffy

Glumpy (left) and Oliveia (right)
watercolor sketch ©2011 Stacy Rowan
sculptures ©2011 IG & DG

With the relaxed schedule of summer the kids have more time for the occasional sleep over. And what is better than staying awake til the wee hours of the night having fun and laughing with friends?

Okay, so maybe as the parent in charge of these late night soirees, I could name one or two things that I would like better, but that's alright. Sleep overs are a part of childhood that all kids must experience and all parents must endure.

One of the fun activities the kids did during their last sleep over was craft some colorful creatures using a Presto Dots kit. I love their creativity and the great details and expressions they gave the creatures so I decided to immortalize them in a sketch.

Meet Glumpy, created by my Inventor Girl, and Oliveia, created by my Dancer Girl.


Jennifer Rose said...

I remember never going to bed on most of our sleep overs :p drove the parents insane :p

Stacy said...

Yes, there are definitely some girls who want to stay up all night, much to the parents dismay. My rule, they can stay up as long as they don't keep anyone else awake. So far that rule has been working. :)