Saturday, October 30, 2010

Virtual Open Studio 2010 - Post #5 - The Final Post

When you entered the family room, you probably noticed a basket of note cards.

There is another basket of cards in the living room along with some matching note pads.

There are even a couple of packs of holiday themed cards on the Christmas table.

All of the note cards feature my artwork. Each pack has 8 cards (blank inside) and 8 envelopes. Some packs contain an assortment of cards - two or four different images depending on the pack - and some contain eight identical cards featuring a single image.

This year's big sellers were the new cupcakes assortment

and the new "Life Cycle of a Tulip" pack.

This card was created using three of my daily sketches. I admit that it is one of my favorites.

I also created an assorted floral pack combining two of my most popular floral images with the newer Sunbathed Poppy and Rhododendron

and two packs of thank you notes.

The card with the three coffee mugs is also available without the words "Thank You"

Many of my paintings and drawings have been made into note cards.

 The first name pulled in the door prize drawing will receive a pack of note cards of their choosing..

As I mentioned in the Virtual Open Studio - Post #4, since I have received so many nice comments, I decided to add a second prize. The second name pulled from the hat will receive one of the ornaments created from my daily sketches. These ornaments are featured in VOS - Post #2 and are shown in the Christmas table images above.

So make sure you enter by commenting here! Remember you get an entry for each of the VOS posts that you comment on. You don't have to worry about being creative with your comments, a simple "I was here!" will do.

Before you leave, there are a few more paintings to see on your way down the hallway to the front door, including my favorite grouping.

Peter's Missing Snack is hanging in the hallway on your left.

And this grouping, featuring Clear Favorites, Queen of the Winter Garden, and Winter Treat, is hanging to the right. I love how the blues and greens in each painting tie this grouping together.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my Virtual Open Studio! I am so glad you stopped by. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing this event with you.

All images ©2010 Stacy L. Rowan

Comments on all of the Virtual Open Studio posts will be left open until 10pm EST on November 6, 2010. At that time, the comments for each post will be closed. All comments will then be printed and placed in a hat. Winners names will be chosen from the hat by unbiased personnel (namely my kids - they love this kind of thing). Good luck everyone!


Samantha said...

I love seeing these photos from your open studio event. I also love "peter's missing snack" .... so detailed ... but the life cycle of a tulip is my fave. xx

Mary Jane said...

Hi Stacy - I loved seeing your beautifully presented art. Your show is so professional and the work is so well done and so nicely framed. You have CLASS my dear.

Thanks for the hospitality. I am imagining how tasty those cupcakes were. Yum.

Stacy said...

Thank you Samantha! I've had a lot of positive feedback on Peter's Missing Snack.

Thank you Mary Jane! I wish you could taste those cupcakes. My neighbor knows how to make delicious cakes no matter what the size.

Frank Zweegers said...

This looks fantastic. All the beautifull cards. I love it!

Jill said...

Hey Stacy!
I finally made it to your Virtual Open Studio! What a GREAT idea!! I loved looking through everything and taking a guided tour through your home & artwork...congrats!!! Your work is beautiful, I didn't realize you had so many finished pieces. See you soon...XO Jill

Stacy said...

Thank you Frank! Maybe you will be the lucky winner of a pack of cards. :)

Hi Jill! Glad you made it and enjoyed the tour! I don't think I even realized the first year exactly how many finished pieces I had until I started hanging them. Of course I knew the number from my spreadsheet, but didn't have a feeling for what that looked like.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy,

Glad I could take a tour of this year's Open House. Your work is so beautiful. I especially like the sunbathed poppy.


Stacy said...

Thanks Sue! That painting has quite a few admirers.