Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sketching the Transition

Sketch made with Cotman pan watercolors and water brush
I did a watercolor sketch of these two leaves that the kids picked up for me on our walk home from the first day of school. They know I can't resist the beautiful autumn colors and are kind enough to feed my addicition. I did the sketch while sitting in the car waiting at our last summer activity. One thing ends as another begins.

I love the way leaves change color starting around the veins and the tips. I think the prettiest leaves are ones like this which still wear some of their summer colors with their bold autumn accents.

As for the sketches, I like the smaller leaf the best. It was the second one I did, and I felt when I was painting it I finally had the hang of working with two water brushes. During the first sketch I was much more worried about dropping a brush while switching back and forth and either getting paint on me or on the car.

I did both of the sketches pretty quickly with no preliminary drawing. In fact it took almost as long to retrieve the cap to my one water brush from under the seat as it did to complete the sketch of the small leaf. One of the hazards of painting in the car I guess!


Jennifer Rose said...

nicely coloured :) I love seeing the trees change colour, but its not something you see a lot of here.

at least you found the cap now rather then coming across it possibly dirty weeks from now ;)

Stacy said...

Jennifer, why don't you see leaves changing there? I would miss the colors of fall. It would be my favorite season if it wasn't followed by winter. And yes, better to get the cap now, despite the measures it took, than to have it roll out with heaven knows what crud on it weeks later.

Jennifer Rose said...

some of the leaves on the trees change colour but it seems like a lot of the trees don't or that it doesn't get dry enough here for them too. the grass here is often bright green in the middle of winter. its very odd

bluelilac said...

I miss the Ontario fall colours. We have lots of colour here on the west coast but green is more prominent because of the fir trees on the mountains and in the parks. We do have lots of colourful maples and of course lots of other trees and plants and flowers that change in fall and bring so much beauty to the landscape.
I think I love the fall best of all the seasons.
Stacy I am so glad you are back posting. Missed you!