Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Child #1's cast came off today!! We are all very excited. She will be on crutches and still not able bear weight with that leg for at least three weeks, but we are taking advantage of this improvement and are on the move to enjoy what is left of the summer.

See you in September!!!


Mark said...

Great news!! Please give her our best!

Vikki a.k.a "V" said...

Yeah!!! Have fun with all of your end of summer adventures. Give her our love!

Quilt Knit said...

So Glad the cast is off. I do hope the healing continues so that She forgets this ever happened in a couple of years. I will bet She wanted to jump up and run. Healing is hard.
((( circle of Healing Hugs)))

sherrie Roberts

Stacy said...

Thanks Mark and Vikki! She is doing well and is great on the crutches. Next check-up is Tues. Hopefully they will let her start walking on it after that.

Thanks Sherrie! Soon this will be nothing more than a memory for all of us. She is ready to be back to full speed and to have me stop hovering and telling her to be "slow and careful". :)