Tuesday, December 11, 2007


3" x 2"
watercolor thumbnail
Stacy L. Rowan

If seasons have a personality, autumn is definitely an extrovert. With its clear, golden light and bright colors it shouts, "Look at me!! I'm stunning, don't you agree!"

This arrangement of berries and fall leaves was definitely calling for my attention. It sparkled as it enjoyed the sunny spotlight and invited me to relish its blazing colors. So I accepted the invitation and quickly captured its brilliance on paper. Now I can enjoy a date with fall even as introverted winter comes to town.
(Just to clarify, a thumbnail is a miniature size drawing or painting - in my case mostly 3 inches by 2 inches - which is quickly done to test a concept. I learned to use this tool in my mentorship with Michael Newberry. You can find his excellent tutorial on thumbnails here.)


Michelle Himes said...

Tag! You're it! I was tagged by Sandy Maudlin (my second time) and now I'm tagging you. The object of the game is to tell 5 things about yourself and then to tag 5 other people. It's a fun way to direct people to your blog as well as to see blogs by other artists. I hope you will play.

Mary said...

Stacy, what a beautiful thumbnail! Even if it is so small it is framable. I love your description of fall. I really admire those of you that do such exquisite thumbnails, they are not easy.

Stacy said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for visiting and tagging me. I've been tagged twice already this year, but if I can think of anything else that people might not know but would find interesting, I'll play along.

Thanks for the kind words Mary! Michael thinks I should frame some thumbnails too. I'm seeing what I can come up with.

bluelilac said...

Hey Stacy
You are on to something! The movement in your sketch brings the dance theme right into the work.
I love it! I can't wait to see you do the series for your next show!
Great sketch!