Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Quick Hello!

Wow! Life around here has been full of activity - unfortunatley not art related activity. I apologize for my lack of posting and my failure to respond to the wonderful comments some of you have been leaving. I expect to be able to post more regularly come May or June if you can hang in there with me that long! Today's post will be short, but image heavy.

The other day I was reading Illustrated Life, a blog by my Wet Canvas friend Jeanette. Jeanette posted some pictures of her workspace and it reminded me how much I enjoyed seeing other artist's studios. I love that little glimpse into their lives and find it helps me better imagine the creation process when I view their artwork. So I decided I would share some pictures of my "studio" with you.

Right now my studio shares space with our master bedroom. Luckily my husband has learned how to fall asleep with the lights blazing, since I often work on my art in the evening hours.

My studio space has expanded quite a bit over the last few years. I recently told my husband that the next expansion will require my studio having a room of its own. I wonder how he feels about sleeping in the family room??

Now if you really want to see a swanky work area, maybe my sister will post pictures of her craft room in her blog. My brother-in-law is very handy and built this room specially for her. I'd say she's spoiled, but that's just because I'm green with envy.

I also wanted to show you the results of my second pen and ink class. Last week Katherine commented on the challenge of cross hatching within a shape. Even though we are still working with very simple shapes, I know exactly what she meant. You can see that some of these shapes turned out a little wonky. (Yes, that is an official art term.) The wonkiness was caused by concentrating too much on the cross hatching and not enough on the shape boundaries. I think more practice is needed.

Unfortunately, I am going to miss class this week. I am leaving tomorrow for a week of vacation and during class time will hopefully be enjoying some sunshine and warm tropical breezes. Since I will not have Internet access, I also will not be able to post here until I get back home and settled in. In my absence you might want to check out some of the art blogs in my link list. These blogs are the ones I read daily.

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